How To Use The Kwikly Dental Temp App (for professionals).

How Does Kwikly Dental Temp App Work?


Get to know the Kwikly dental temp app and its features that will support you through the dental staffing experience.

What Is Kwikly?

Kwikly aims to provide a streamlined way for dental offices to connect with local dental temps through our online dental staffing platform (mobile marketplace). Dental professionals who are looking to temp are screened before they are able to claim dental temp shifts through the platform. In other words, Kwikly now makes it possible for professionals to find and work temporary shifts while providing a vetted pool of candidates for dental offices.


How Does The Kwikly Dental Temp App Work?

To get started with Kwikly, just click here to apply and fill out an application online. Once completed, a Kwikly rep from our team will reach out to arrange an orientation and interview.

Once you are approved, simply set your availability to receive notifications or browse through the available dental temp shifts in the Kwikly app

You can go online whenever to make money by picking up dental temp shifts near you. The app will connect you to shifts, can keep track of your clocked hours and help manage your upcoming schedule. 


The Kwikly app…  5 fast facts

  • Automatically sends you new shift notifications
  • Is available 24/7 and does not need a staffing coordinator
  • Uses an advanced electronic timecard system to track your worked hours
  • Lets you pick and create your own schedule
  • Uses your availability and driving preferences to ping you for shifts you want to work.


 Accepting Your First Dental Temp Shift



The Kwikly app provides an easy interface where you can find, view, and claim shifts. To claim a shift you can check out the shift details and decide if you want to work.

All shifts are displayed with a brief description and map at the top of the screen to show the location of the dental office. In addition, professionals can view the office rating, get directions and view the software system used by the office.

When you arrive, simply tap the “Clock In” button on your electronic timecard to begin. This will also notify the office that you have arrived and are ready to work.

How Do I Get Paid?

When dental professionals sign up with Kwikly, they become a W2 employee of our company (not an independent contractor) and are onboarded to our payroll system. This means that Kwikly will also take care of your payroll taxes and insurance which include Social Security, Medicare, FUTA, state unemployment tax and workers compensation insurance.

Dental professionals are paid on a weekly basis, on Fridays, based on hours clocked, reported, and approved by the dental office for the previous week.


Ready To Get Started?

Kwikly is not a dental temp agency or a job board. We’re a mobile platform, connecting our dental professionals with great opportunities and reputable dental offices. Get started with us today!


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