How Does Kwikly Compare To Conventional Dental Temp Agencies?


When it comes to conventional dental temp agencies, more and more practices are turning to alternative options to fill their short-term employment needs. It seems that the traditional route isn’t always the most appropriate solution when you need someone to see your patients.

Great Dentists: Having Trouble Finding the Right Dental Hygienist?

In the past, if your hygienist was sick or had the opportunity to take a short-notice trip out of town, it left you with a couple options: rearranging your entire schedule, or calling multiple dental temp agencies to have another hygienist fill in that day.

If you chose the latter, you didn’t always know who would show up to your office. It was a guessing game as to whether or not your temp hygienist would be a good fit, or even the same person that filled in the last time. Such struggles convince some dentists to cancel that day’s patients altogether, because it’s just not worth it to them to experience the unknowns.  


Good Hygienists Often Struggle to Find Quality Practices to Work In

Turn the tables, and quality hygienists are sometimes obligated to take temp work that they otherwise wouldn’t. For instance, if a practice has rigid time constraints or is a specialty clinic, the hygienist might find him or herself working in an environment that they’re not comfortable with. Their stress level rises, not knowing exactly what to expect that day.


At Kwikly, We Do Things Differently

These are just some of the challenges that have sparked an internal revolution in the field of dental staffing and temp hygiene placements. They’re also why we created Kwikly…


Our technology uses a smart algorithm to help your practice locate a temp dental professional based on things like software experience, location, availability, and ratings from previous temp jobs worked. Simply create your free office profile and give us some basic information. We will use this info to find you the perfect temp.


When you request a temp on our platform, only qualified hygienists that meet your criteria will receive an electronic push notification straight to their smartphone; much like what happens when you request a ride through Uber or Lyft.


Rather than trying to get ahold of a middleman or 3rd party staffing agency, technology can now match you with the right hygienist in a matter of minutes. All of our hygienists are located in the Twin Cities or greater metropolitan area, so there’s always someone nearby.


In addition, all Kwikly employees are professionally prescreened before they’re allowed to take on a job. We don’t hire just anyone! Only licensed, credentialed, and screened hygienists will ever see your posting. Plus, you get full transparency on their professional profile before they ever show up at your office. There’s even a photo, so your team knows who it is before they even work their first shift in your office. 


The Kwikly dental staffing platform also provides you with real time status updates as to when your perfect temp match is found. There’s no need to call multiple dental temp agencies or staffing firms, Kwikly brings qualified and available hygienists straight to you in a more efficient manner.


Check out the image below to see how it works:


Real-time status updates on the Kwikly platform


Hire with Confidence, Thanks to a Peer-to-Peer Review Process

Once the shift is complete, rate your hygienist and leave a review on their profile; they’ll have a chance to do the same for you. That way if you’re looking to fill a temp position again, you and the qualified hygienists will both know what to expect before the work day arrives. The flexibility of multiple viewpoints on feedback (opposed to a singular one from a conventional staffing agency) provides you with a greater level of insight when it comes to who you trust with your patients.


Sign up today to use the Kwikly platform today! Finding a Minneapolis or Twin Cities temp hygienist (or locating your perfect hygiene temp job) is as simple as a few taps of the finger.