Land Your First Dental Hygiene Job…on an App!

Land your first dental hygiene job


Congratulations on starting your career as a dental hygienist! If you’re looking for your first dental hygiene job in Minneapolis or Twin Cities, you know how stressful it can be. From finding a dentist that’s hiring to landing a working interview without experience on your resume’, your first hurdle of nailing down employment may seem like the biggest one yet.

Fortunately, new Minnesota dental hygienists now have another flexible option. Instead of getting called for short-notice dental hygiene jobs through a direct dental staffing agency, you can land a temp assignment through the mobile Kwikly dental staffing app.


Kwikly isn’t a Dental Temp Agency

If you came here looking for dental temporary staffing, Kwikly might not be exactly what you expected. As a partnering dental hygienist, you’re actually a W2 employee with our company. All you do is input your shift preferences and availability into our mobile Kwikly app and complete our required screening process.

Once approved, you can pick up both short and long-term hygiene temp shifts with quality practices that contract with us. As soon as a practice requests a hygienist, you’ll receive an alert through our mobile app and have a chance to claim the opening! You can select the type of shift alerts that you’d like to receive so that you only get notified of temp requests that fit your preferences.


Make Your Own Schedule

One of the great things about being a dental hygienist is the job flexibility. Whether you want to work five days a week or only one, Kwikly hygienists can choose when and where they want to work. This means you have the freedom to take a vacation or attend a school field trip with your kids. You set your schedule and availability so that you can plan ahead. If you don’t take a job, you’re not penalized or “skipped over” the next time one comes available.

Or maybe you are open to finding a permanent job, you can perform a working interview to check out the office (while getting paid) before you commit to the long-term hire. Kwikly works with only reputable dental practices who are hoping to find that perfect, permanent dental hygienist to fill a new opening before having to post the job online or through employment websites. You might actually see the opening on our app first!


Get Paid Directly Like the Employee You Are

As a Kwikly employee, your direct deposits are processed at the end of each week. You don’t have to worry about the dentist turning the right forms into a dental staffing agency and then hoping it’s processed quickly enough to get paid in a timely manner. You’re guaranteed the money that you’re owed, every Friday.

Plus, our peer to peer rating system means you can rate the office for other dental professionals. That way we ensure only the highest quality offices for you and fellow Twin Cities Dental Hygienists. Did you do a good job? Our contracting offices can rate you, too! Trust us your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 


Who Can Apply for an Open Dental Hygiene Job?

Any dental hygienist that’s registered to practice in the State of Minnesota can become a Kwikly member. Just download the app and complete our pre-screening process. Once we know your desired temp shift preferences, we’ll pair you with openings nearby.

Make sure your app push notification settings are turned on, and you’ll be one of the first hygienists to know when an opening becomes available.


Who is Kwikly?

Kwikly serves dental practices and hygienists in the greater Minneapolis and Twin Cities regions. If you’re looking to supplement your schedule with temp shifts that are within the Twin Cities area, the Kwikly app is one of the best tools to keep in your pocket.

Ready to start your first new role as a practicing dental hygienist?  Apply today for the Kwikly app to get started.