How Does Your Dental Hygienist Salary Compare?

Dental Hygienist Salary

Whether you’ve been practicing hygiene for 20 years, or you’re a new dental hygienist that’s looking for their first dental hygiene job, you need to know the average dental hygienist salary/pay rate when you’re searching for your next full-time or temporary opportunity.


According to, dental hygienists in Minneapolis average about $77,455 a year, which is 4% higher than the national average. lists the average range between $64,744-$85,856 per year, depending on experience. These numbers don’t include benefits or bonuses. Here is an hourly breakdown below: 

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
Alabama - Dental Hygienist Salary$32.6$67,802
Alaska - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.82$74,500
Arizona - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.39$73,617
Arkansas - Dental Hygienist Salary$30.94$64,360
California - Dental Hygienist Salary$36.21$75,322
Colorado - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.78$70,259
Connecticut - Dental Hygienist Salary$34.88$72,552
Delaware - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.18$73,177
Florida - Dental Hygienist Salary$29.76$61,905
Georgia - Dental Hygienist Salary$32.43$67,457
Hawaii - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.85$74,568
Idaho - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.82$74,500
Illinois - Dental Hygienist Salary$31.14$64,773
Indiana - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.14$68,924
Iowa - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.77$70,236
Kansas - Dental Hygienist Salary$30.71$63,880
Kentucky - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.26$69,181
Louisiana - Dental Hygienist Salary$34$70,718
Maine - Dental Hygienist Salary$30.96$64,406
Maryland - Dental Hygienist Salary$36.52$75,966
Massachusetts - Dental Hygienist Salary$38.85$80,809
Michigan - Dental Hygienist Salary$31.28$65,062
Minnesota - Dental Hygienist Salary$34.24$71,219
Mississippi - Dental Hygienist Salary$31.76$66,067
Missouri - Dental Hygienist Salary$31.07$64,619
Montana - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.82$74,500
Nebraska - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.33$73,480
Nevada - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.82$74,500
New Hampshire - Dental Hygienist Salary$34.97$72,736
New Jersey - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.54$69,772
New Mexico - Dental Hygienist Salary$32.34$67,277
New York - Dental Hygienist Salary$39.07$81,267
North Carolina - Dental Hygienist Salary$28.36$58,990
North Dakota - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.82$74,500
Ohio - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.14$68,921
Oklahoma - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.28$69,224
Oregon - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.78$70,257
Pennsylvania - Dental Hygienist Salary$34.05$70,831
Rhode Island - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.02$72,851
South Carolina - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.63$69,956
South Dakota - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.33$69,336
Tennessee - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.34$69,354
Texas - Dental Hygienist Salary$32.2$66,983
Utah - Dental Hygienist Salary$33.05$68,744
Vermont - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.82$74,505
Virginia - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.11$73,030
Washington - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.43$73,688
West Virginia - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.98$74,838
Wisconsin - Dental Hygienist Salary$32.72$68,052
Wyoming - Dental Hygienist Salary$35.82$74,500


How Long You’ve Been in Practice

Minneapolis area dental hygienists who have been practicing 5-15 years make slightly less than the publicized area’s average, with a dental hygiene salary closer to $70,000. During a year of full-time work with two weeks of vacation, that comes out to $35/hour. Those on the higher end of the pay scale (making $77k per year) are closer to $38/hour.


Higher Dental Hygiene Salaries

Dental hygienists can help to improve their annual salary by:


  • Staying in the field longer, adding to their experience
  • Receiving advanced training in skills that can be used to increase production or efficiency in the dental practice
  • Picking up extra work on a temporary or permanent basis


Full Time vs. Part Time

One of the most significant factors that influence the annual salaries of Twin Cities dental hygienists is how much they’re working. Traditionally, it’s been a popular option for hygienists to work part-time. This may mean working one job or two, depending on the number of hours a hygienist is available each week. The fewer hours worked, the lower the annual salary.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, most dental hygienists work less than full time. On average, most work 32 hours (four days) per week. Nearly two-thirds of hygienists are only working 21-36 hours a week (2.5-3.5 days a week.) If a hygienist is only working three days per week at $35 per hour, their annual salary is closer to about $42,000. Choosing to add on just one day a week at $35/hour can add $14,000 to a dental hygienist yearly income.


Add Thousands to Your Dental Hygiene Salary

Temping is a great way to make extra money if you’re used to working a part-time dental hygiene job. You can set your own hours, work when and where you want to, and even have the option to make the temporary job a permanent one in some cases.

Unfortunately, finding temp hygiene jobs used to be quite an ordeal. Some of those positions paid even less than what an average dental hygienist salary should be. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore.

Although dentists usually pay more for temping hygienists, a significant portion of those fees goes to the dental temp agency.

At Kwikly, we do things differently. When a dentist needs to fill a permanent or temporary position, the Kwikly app allows him or her to connect directly with hygienists in their area. This process eliminates the need for a “middleman” and passes the savings to the practice…while increasing the salary of the dental hygienist.


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