Kwikly Dental Staffing App

The People Behind Kwikly

Founded on the simple premise that many professionals want flexible work opportunities that fit into their schedule, Kwikly builds technology that is focused on one thing: connecting the dental community in the most efficient manner possible.

Pedram Nastaean

Co-Founder/Board Member

An avid entrepreneur with a vision to simplify and streamline the dental staffing experience. Loves to play soccer, travel and spend time with family and friends!

Dr. Bryan Laskin

Co-Founder/Board Member

Dr. Laskin takes innovation very seriously. He’s a member of multiple groups dedicated to technology breakthroughs. That’s why a partnership with Kwikly only made sense. In his spare time, he enjoys martial arts, snowboarding, and guitar.

Yomiyu Hirpa

Co-Founder/Board Member

While previously working on parking automation software Yomiyu decided to make the switch to Kwilky. With a passion for technology and a desire to create; Kwikly was a no-brainer. Pronounced YO-ME-YOU…thought you might ask!

Robert Bentley

Mobile Developer

Rob Bentley is one of the founders of The Jed Mahonis Group, a mobile app development company. Rob is also the lead iOS developer for Kwikly. In his freetime, you might find him playing Nintendo 64 (super smash bros) or online chess.

Olani Aga

Database Manager/Advisor

A big data enthusiast with a knack for quality work and services. Olani saw the potential for Kwikly from the start. Olani also works as a lead engineer in various Fortune 500 companies. Currently finishing his MS in Software Engineering and Data Science!

Tim Bornholdt

Lead Full Stack Developer

Tim is a full stack developer with an array of skills. Tim was one of the lead devs with the Kwikly. His desire to code spans back the early days of his childhood. It was in grade school when Tim built his first website. He has worked with Pepsi, the Minnesota Wild, and the National Academy of Television.


Sr. Investigations Officer

Polo, the Siberian puppy, is the Sr. Investigations Officer at Kwikly! He typically patrols the building, checking if things are in the right place and then moves them if they are. In his free time, he loves to advocate for the sharing economy by having others share their meals with him.